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Full Moon Rituals

Updated: Jan 18, 2023


A Blessed Full Moon to all (in Cancer if you’re interested). I often get asked what rituals to do during the Full Moon. I usually respond stating that it is an intimate process, and it is specific to the individual being asked. With that in mind, I have a standard set of activities that work for me pretty well. It all starts at the New Moon, when I write down my intentions and keep that paper with me during daily prayer/meditation. I like to ensure that there is consistent focus and awareness throughout the month until the Full Moon arrives. I typically write down 3-4 intentions to keep it feasible… too many and I tend to get overwhelmed. Don’t forget, moon phases in cycles so it will keep coming around and around like clockwork! Once the Full Moon is achieved, I take that paper outside and burn it (safely in a monitored bucket) releasing my intentions back out into the Universe and setting the stage for catharsis and manifestation. Now if you don’t believe you can safely burn the paper, candle work would fill in nicely here along with visualization as you release your intentions back into the Universe. This is where I speak out my affirmation(s) to solidify the release. There are tons on them online, find one that suits you best. Last but not least, I take a cleansing shower or bath to solidify the release. This allows me to cleanse, recharge and fill myself up with self-love and love from various entities within the Universe (i.e., spirit, guides, ancestors, angels, etc.).

Simple right? Remember, this is not the one and only way to achieve release during the Full Moon; find what works best for you and supplement as needed. This is supposed to be a very personal activity, one that has meaning and focus that can only resonate with the individual performing it. Listen to your intuition, it will guide you on how to perform this work.

What Full Moon ritual(s) do you perform? Comment below.

Daily Affirmation: I release what no longer serves me to make room for what inspires me.

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