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Life has us all running around like chickens with our heads cut off!! We are busy, busy, busy, and most of us don’t know how to relax… I bet you even cringed when reading that word?!?! How does the common person unwind after a long stretch of activity? It has been my experience, that most force relaxation by surrendering physical and mental function for a time. This is not a very healthy way to recharge. In fact, these practices can do long-term damage to the body depending on your physiology. Let’s not forget the next morning when we can experience dehydration, headaches, body aches and brain fog. Yuck!!! You probably feel much worse for the wear and begin looking for sympathy to excuse your lack of productivity.

Recharging oneself is a beneficial experience that renews the body with healthy energy, peace and serenity. It is meant to uplift, refresh and level set before another round of stress inducing activity. By knowing yourself and what helps you to renew your energy, you will be able to last longer and support your daily activities without skipping a beat. This balance is imperative to ensure longevity and survival within the “rat race.”

Below is a listing of my favorite ways to self-care:

· Sleep / Exercise (inside or outside) / Yoga / Massage

· Mindful Breathing

· Drinking Tea

· Reading a book

· Meditation / Prayer

· Listening to calming music

What do you do to support self-care? (Comment below)

Daily Affirmation: I make time to support healthy restoration of my mind, body and soul.

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