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Spiritual Messages

Updated: Jan 24, 2023


Driving the other day, I observed three bald eagles flying overhead. All the cars slowed down to view this majestic sight. It was one of those experiences that seemed to slow the pace of life and living for a moment… it was heart-warming to say the least. A few more miles down the road, I watched a red tail hawk fly right in front of my car screaming, “In-coming Message.” I then had a vision of my ancestors connecting to me and letting me know that they were here… watching over me. I started to cry tears of joy as I felt honored and humbled to be in their presence. It was confirmation that I was indeed on the right path and that I was doing right by them by offering the messages that my clients needed to hear. Once I arrived at my location, a friend of mine shared a similar, yet different type of epiphany experience and went on to review the meaning of eagles and hawks with me. I won’t share them here, but these spiritual meanings resonated with me immediately. The point I am getting at is, pay attention to the subtle signs and symbols that life throws at you from time to time… they will most definitely answer those questions you have submitted during meditation or prayer.

Daily Affirmation: I am guided by my ancestors.

Have you had any similar experiences lately? (Comment below)

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