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Updated: Jan 18, 2023


Hmmm, what gets me up in the morning? Now, I understand this question is not about the biology of it all, but that is where my brain went to first. I am always grateful for that first gasp of air upon waking, showing me that I have another chance to make my dreams come true… the promise of a new day, 24 hours, where I can make anything happen. The exhilaration of potential opportunities, of meeting likeminded individuals and holding space for those that need to hear messages from Spirit. It lifts me up just thinking about it!!

Motivation, for me, has never really been an issue, I believe everyone is born with it, a drive that propels one to fulfill one’s purpose and the further we get away from purpose the more prone to distraction and depression we become. Do you find yourself always complaining about your lot or do you revel in the positivity of creation? Do you attract unhealthy experiences and individuals into your life or are you rewarded with amazing opportunity after amazing opportunity? Perhaps you are always tired, never capable of doing those things you want to do, because time is not available (refer to my Procrastination writeup)?

The moral of the story, find and live your purpose to consistently maintain your motivation, otherwise fall victim to the mind-numbing aspects of life and slowly decay into a meaningless void. Your choice!!

What gets you up in the morning? Comment below.

Daily Affirmation: I am motivated to discover and live out my life’s purpose.

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