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Updated: Jan 18, 2023


I often get asked what I am super passionate about… I suppose there are lot of different answers depending on aspects of life and living one is referring to. My favorite response… helping people; that twinkle in their eye when something resonates or that light bulb flash that already confirms what they need to do next! It is truly magical to behold!! For me, this passion always existed, but unfortunately, it was manipulated and taken advantage of until I learned how to protect, shield, mirror and bounder myself. This was no easy feat let me tell you. I was consistently challenged to know who I can trust and who I couldn’t. It wasn’t until I trusted myself that my passion was realized. THANK HEAVEN FOR PSYCHOTHERAPY!! I probably would have been dead long ago without it!! Understand this, we are all damaged, haunted by our past, our traumas, our demons and whatever else you tend to call it. We all sign a soul contract to come to Earth to heal, acquire life lessons and live out our purpose! Any and all unhealed aspects of self require a lifetime, and in some cases, multiple lifetimes to understand, cleanse, reconcile and integrate before we can reclaim that energy for healing others. This lifetime, luckily, has afforded me the chance to finally help others learn to help themselves. That is my passion; that is my purpose. I am so incredibly grateful that I have done the work on myself and continue to do the work on myself to help others on their journey towards enlightenment.

What are you super passionate about? (Comment below)

Daily Affirmation: I am passionate about what I do.

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