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Updated: Apr 21, 2023


As I reflect on the previous year, I realize that I have finally chosen the way of light, love and freedom. I had to a certain degree before, but not of this magnitude. Once I had come to understand my purpose, I had no choice to abandon previously carved out survival mode armor to reveal my true authentic soul self. Long ago, I had no other choice but to hide as I was afraid of being discovered, afraid of being continually abused, afraid of calling out injustice and speaking truth. I didn’t know that there was good out there and that some of us were capable of dispelling this darkness. What does that actually mean you might say? It means that safety, love, abundance and gratitude for life and living for my foundation and this pure energy will now support me through any endeavor… any challenge. I live solutions and climb ever higher towards enlightenment! Remember, your mind is yours and yours alone. Take accountability for your own healing and there is no where you can’t go.

Now that I have shed this old mask to support my true self, I am living and being in my purpose and my power. My intentions are pure, and my goals are simple… to provide impetus, hope to as many as possible so that healing can commence and those walking in the light can join the revolution. This species awakening is imperative to the success of the planet; now is the time and we must all do our part to help those dispel illusion and embrace truth, eliminate fear and boldly step out into the open to share in the bounty and splendor of our world. Lastly and most importantly, to love unconditionally first beginning with the self then expressing this force outward to everyone in the human family.

Humans have lost their way through boundless distraction, meaningless greed and delusions of power over one another. Our system has failed and now is the time to rewrite our future to equally and fairly ensure that all may live and thrive on this earth. There are those that would wish to take this from us, to manipulate the facts to get us to vote one way or another… but the truth remains simply put, either unite and flourish or divide and be conquered. I am tired of those silencing honesty for the sake of illusion… wake up people it is our time to squash this evil system and carve out a new one.

What have you been reflecting on lately? Comment below.

Daily Affirmation: My powers are unlimited.

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