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Support Systems

Updated: Jan 18, 2023


Who can you count on when the going gets tough? Support systems are absolutely required in order to succeed in life. A better way to explain this concept resides within an old idiom and it still holds true today, “no man is an island.” Humans thrive best in community, whether this is blood or created family, we all need help sometimes. It is not realistic to complete everything yourself and if you do, you are probably running in a fractured, disconnected mode, a high stress autopilot that is required solely for survival. This mode does not correlate to meaningful living, it is more akin to operating machinery so that you can stay alive. If this is where you find yourself, be sure you consistently tend to your self-care and stay current with your medical professionals… you are going to need it!!

Everyone has many facets of life and living that require attention, and without a support system, you will find yourself exhausted, depressed, lonely and hopeless. So, you say, who can I rely on when I have no one? Every community has some sort of center or location that offers information and aid to those in need. Local churches or spiritual centers are also fantastic places to find likeminded individuals offering guidance and support. I urge you to seek these places out; social media can provide links to many of these local support services. You can also take some classes, join local interest groups, and volunteer in your community to help those in need and improve community connection. Humans have been very slowly segregated to believe that we are alone; it's time to take back the concept of one human family and begin, once again loving and supporting one another… our survival depends on it!

Who or what do you rely in in times of need? Comment below.

Daily Affirmation: I have all of the resources I need to support my goals.

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